28th July 2021
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Buying license Windows 7 via ebay etc. is that legal? Does it work?

how to get a new windows 7 product key

I would like to get me a license for Win7 (yes, I know), but it’s for an old IBM laptop… I looked at the offer quickly and there are some really cheap stuff, alright from the laptop shell with the sticker stuck behind-_-‘

To the new sticker (but with labeled HP, Dell or Lenovo laptop): Going through the guy who sends you the serial by email while assuring that it is valid from a legal point of view (I feel good the key generator but good) … (So if you have tested I would like to know what it is worth … not much I imagine, but in doubt ‘:)

On a purely legal side:

If you do not have the OEM license sticker affixed to your machine, your license is not considered legal. If your PC is not the brand of the sticker, buy windows 7 product key, your license is not considered legal. So what you can find on ebay, it works, but it’s not legal.

Windows 7 Professional - 32/64 Bit ( Product Key + Download )

Windows 7 Professional – 32/64 Bit ( Product Key + Download ) – $33.99

Fake, I sell Windows keys on ebay precisely, in Windows 7 OEM version, the sticker is necessarily issued but there is no mark on the sticker as it is for resale | (after all depends on the sellers;)

On what I said is not legal, on what you do (OEM sticker without brand that the person sticks on his machine) then it’s legal. I want many links stp … I often buy licenses


Actually and you are partly right, because most sellers deliver the keys by simple message and it is often “duplicate” keys or valid keys but use by thousands of people.

I looked for you the prices of the best sellers, between €19.99 for a classic license and €25 for an ultimate license.

N = without Windows Media Player and without Media Center (basically, the two things you never use XD). It is following the fine that Europe has screwed in the teeth of Microsoft, following their monopoly.

Yes, the serial is sent by mail or PM on your Reddit account, but the vendors on this forum are verified, you can pay by PayPal and other solutions, so you are protected. But normally, you shouldn’t have any worries given the reputation of the sellers.

No miracle: cheap, it’s not legal. All the keys you find at ebay, windows 7 professional product key free and the key resellers type of Windows1024.com are illegal. Which does not prevent them from working, to pose no problem in practice, and as a particular you do not risk absolutely nothing. If you want to do it in the legal, it might be difficult to find out that today it is Windows 10 that sells. The price must revolve around €100.


For the sticker, that was before. Today, no need. I already asked the question to Microsoft. The best example is probably the licenses sold directly on their store. It’s dematerialized, nothing by mail. The license is received by mail, no sticker.

windows 7 ultimate product key 64 bit 2017 free list:


The licenses sold are almost all illegal, but keys are made especially for resale (since the 2012 law) and the stickers of its keys do not have a brand because they are intended for all machines.

Contact Microsoft, we will tell you that the sticker is no longer obligatory. In fact, fortunately Microsoft has changed this part of the license agreement. This allows for totally dematerialized purchases. They were able to spare themselves the production and all the logistics associated with these labels.

But I don’t think you can be a legal reseller for Windows 7 today. windows 7 ultimate 64 bit product key, It is no longer sold. The only way to have it is via PCs where it is pre-installed, or then go through the Pro version of 10 and downgrade. or a boxed version in a store.

And it seems to me that the Windows 10 OEM license agreements of the operating systems specify that it is not possible/legal to sell an OEM license separate from the equipment to which it is destined. Anyway, being very precisely in the nails compared to the Microsoft contract is complicated …

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