24th September 2021
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Differences between Office 2019 and Office 2016

A lot of changes can be made in 3 years. However, Microsoft Office looks the same, right? It’s not just you, many people have the same doubts. Therefore, we will see the differences between Office 2019 and Office 2016. This will help you choose whether you should upgrade or stay with the 2016 version only. With that being said, let’s get into the differences.

We will see the difference between each software one by one.



Let’s start with Microsoft Word. Some of the coolest small features will force you to upgrade if you are regularly using them. This will include text to speech converter as well as a translator. There are many learning tools available such as captions and audio descriptions. You will get focus mode as well as @mention features.

All of these were not available in the previous version.



Excel is mostly used for businesses. They have made sure that all the people get what they are looking for. Therefore, they have a better power query which is Get and Transform. The power Pivot is included with all the editions.

Further, there are various new functions and connectors with the ability to publish to Power BI. Nt to mention, the charts suggestions got better with AI implementation along with new charts. It surely supports @ mentions.

Although, features like stock data type and co-authoring are yet not available.



The next main app that most people are using is Powerpoint. If a business presentation goes well, you will get many benefits from that, right?

Here, you will get Morph transitions with the Zoom feature. You can add SVG files and 3D models. There is a new feature that is loved by many people that is the Play-in-click sequence. There are some of the minor features available such as @ mentions as well as it supports 4k video now.



They have changed the entire OneNote. It’s not included with Windows and has been named OneNote for Windows. So, you will get a whole new modern look here.



Microsoft has made sure that Access has all the things people are looking for. Just like they have added many features in Excel, there are many features here.

The man features include modern charts, new linked table manager, Big int, etc. Most importantly, you can rest your eyes as it includes the dark theme now. You will also get Salesforce and Dynamic connectors. There are many other features too.



There are few updates here. One of them is @ mention and the second one is helpful for many. It supports Office 365 groups. This will help many businesses.


Final Words

So, if you are still thinking about whether you should upgrade or not, the answer is yes. You should surely get the latest version as there are many security and performance updates. Further, you will get ribbon customization as well as a roaming pencil case in all Office apps if you go with Office 2019. Lastly, this is surely your choice.


For more information about Downloading and activate Office 2016 please view this video

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