24th September 2021
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How to Fix Windows 10 Error ?

Now many users choose to use Windows 10 system, on the one hand, because Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, on the other hand, the latest office 2019 office software must be installed on the premise of Windows 10, so after installing Windows 10 a lot The user has some situations, such as Windows 10 not working properly after activation, such as Windows 10 key expired, etc. This article tells you how to correctly purchase a new Windows 10 key when the Windows 10 key expires.

There are many reasons for the invalidation of the Windows 10 key. As shown in the following figure, an error is reported, which causes Windows 10 to fail to work properly. The error code 0xC004C0003 is the most common problem when installing and activating Windows 10. Let me tell you how it.

Solution one, check if your product key is valid
If you manually enter your product key to activate Windows 10, it may not be applicable for activation. In this case, you must use a different key to activate Windows. You can go to online stores like Vanskeys.com to buy product keys online.

Solution two, keep trying active Windows 10
If Windows 10 cannot be activated due to error code 0xc004c003, the problem may be caused by Microsoft’s activation server. If you are upgrading from a genuine and activated version of Windows, you should not experience any issues, so this issue is most likely related to a Microsoftn® server. To resolve this issue, simply wait for the issue to be resolved. In the meantime, you can try to activate Windows 10 once an hour.

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