4th August 2020
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How to get a cheap valid Windows 7 Product Key ?

The Windows 7 Product key allows you to activate Windows on your device and to help verify that you are using Windows on a PC that is allowed to exceed the Microsoft software License Terms. The Windows 7 product key can usually be found on your computer in a Windows 7 wrapper, or in a confirmation email that you receive when you purchase and download windows 7 online.

Windows 7 has a product key for 4 different sales types:

  • Retail key: This key comes with a download copy of a retail box or Windows 7 that can be used for a clean installation or upgrade.
  • Retail Upgrade key: This key comes with an upgrade-only version of Windows 7 and can only be used for upgrades.
  • OEM COA Non-SLP key: This is a regular OEM key, no special BIOS check. This type of key provides a copy of Windows that is marked for purchase only with a new PC.
  • OEM SLP key: This key is used for an OEM computer that is activated by a BIOS lock used by a large PC manufacturer.

For Microsoft users, we recommend that you use a genuine version of Windows 7 and a Windows 7 serial number or product key to activate a copy of Windows 7. Enter the secret key in the box shown in the following figure:

I will share you free windows 7 product key here:

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key 2018




Windows 7 Home Basic Product Key 2018




Windows 7 Professional Product Key 2018




Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 2018




If the key doesn’t work, you can go to Microsoft shop like shopcdkey to buy new product key.

Windows 7 Ultimate Activation Key (32/64 Bit)


How to find your Windows 7 product key

1.  It is almost impossible to manually locate the Windows 7 product key from the registry because it is encrypted.

2. Select the free Product Key finder that supports Windows 7.

3. Download and run the key finder. Follow any instructions provided by the software.

4. The numbers and letters displayed by the program represent the Windows 7 product key.

The product key should be formatted as follows: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

5. Write down this key code exactly as the program displays it to you so that it can be used when reinstalling Windows 7.

Most programs allow you to export a key to a text file or copy it to the Clipboard.



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