24th September 2021
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Top 8 Tips for using Windows 10 Pro—Make your windows experience faster and smoother

Windows 10 really is a perfect combination of classic windows 7 features and windows 8and 8.1 state-of-art. Since its release in 29-July-2015, it is continuously enriching it with cool features with regular updates making it the most successful version of windows than its predecessors. Here is a list of some of the cool features that you must know to make your windows 10 experience amazing. Buy Windows 10 Office 2016 to enhance your windows experience to one height another.

  1. Secret Start Menu

If you want to access the advanced features of windows like cmd, run, power shell, file manager, etc. then you can now easily access these features from the desktop. All you have to do is right-click on the windows icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, a dialog box will then appear and you can choose the options from the box.


2.   Show Desktop Button

If you are a new user to windows 10 and find yourself lost between the different applications then this small button is of great help. In the bottom right corner on your taskbar you will see a semi-transparent vertical line, this line forms a vertical rectangular shape at the right end of the taskbar. if you hover your cursor on that rectangular area you will have a glance on your desktop and if you click on it then you will reach directly to the desktop with all applications getting disappeared. when you re-click on it, you will get back to the same desktop screen as before.

3.   Shake/Minimizing all applications accept one

If you have your desktop filled with several applications open and want to minimize all accept the one you are working on then this feature does this for you. You just have to hold the window you are working on and shake it up to the edge and down again then all your apps will be minimized accept the one you are holding with the cursor.

4.   Reduce booting time

This is a time-saving feature helps in reducing your start up time. You have to open task manager by right-clicking on the task bar.in the task manager you will find a start-up option on the top where you can enable or disable startup apps and optimize your booting time.

5.   Create an event in the calendar

For using this feature, now you don’t have to go to the calendar app. You can easily create an event by clicking on the date appearing in the bottom right corner of your screen on the taskbar.

6.   Game bar

If you love are a die-hard game lover then this feature is of great use to you. You can record your screen and take a screenshot of the complete screen. Just press windows key+G on your keyboard then you will see a game bar appear on the screen and you can record your game or screen easily.

7.   Taking a screenshot/snip

This amazing feature, also known as snip has now a shortcut to access. By clicking windows key+shift+S you can access his feature. This feature is a step ahead in taking screen snip than in the game-bar feature. With a complete screenshot of the screen, you can also select the screen area manually according to your choice while it can not be done in-game bar option.

8.   Storage sense

It is the coolest feature to save your data on a hard disk. You can access this from Settings> System> storage. It helps manage your storage and clean unwanted files saving your hard disk space and making your PC run smooth.

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